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Becoming a fashion designer can provide an exciting and rewarding career.  To become the best version of yourself as a fashion designer it is highly recommended that you attend a fashion design school to acquire the skills and knowledge needed as an upcoming fashion designer.

By choosing the right fashion design school, you can have a bright future in the fashion industry.  This is possible if you choose the right fashion design school.

There are few fashion schools in Ghana and as such, there is a lot of competition from crafting curriculums which are constantly evolving. To guide you in turning your dream into a reality, here, are some factors to consider before choosing the best fashion school.


Culture  of the  school


The culture of a school consists primarily of the underlying norms, values and beliefs that lecturers, instructors and administrators hold about teaching and learning. With that said it is important for you to know or determine the culture of the school. What is its area of focus? Does it place emphasis on hands-on and practical fashion designing, or it is a school that focuses more on other areas such as art and sciences.

Does the school create an environment for you to learn about the various elements that differentiate high-quality garments from fast-fashion items? What quality time is put into teaching the various garment design techniques?

You can get to know about the school and its focus by visiting their website, social media handles, making enquiries and having access to their curriculums or programs. A tour will be ideal if you can pay them a visit.

Another factor you should look out for to determine the culture of the school is how often the fashion design school participates in fashion design competitions. This is an excellent indicator or factor in your decision making because it shows the school’s commitment to the art of fashion and the education of the students.


Reputation of  the school


Choosing a fashion design school can prove difficult because there are not too many fashion design schools churning out quality students in Ghana. You will have to find a reputable school fashion school that will aid in your training. The school must be accredited by the government and if possible recognized by other local and international institutions and bodies.

In Ghana, such bodies include the accreditation board. You should also look out for institutions they are affiliated to. Doing these checks will save you time and money at the long haul. Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design (JACCD) has for many years held a high reputation as an ideal fashion school. It is recognized and accredited by the accreditation board of Ghana and affiliated to the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

The school has various programmes that suit different shades of students. There are programmes tailored for professionals who have little to no experience in fashion design. There are also programmes for people who are already in the field but want to upgrade their skills and learn new trends then there is a programme for students who want certifications and degree programmes.


Quality of alumni


Find out if the fashion school has alumni who are now successful in their professions. This is a very important and reliable indicator of the competence of the school. The alumni of the school should be a testimonial. Their stories should breed confidence in you and encourage you.

Talented alumni will likely have a wealth of experience and skills to share with you as a student via visits and workshops. In certain cases, this could go even further with alumni offering to practically support students in work placements and help you launch your career.

You should find out the strength of the school’s alumni as in most cases the alumni will be visiting you to share their experiences with you.

When the fashion school has an engaging, supportive alumni network, they act as mentors in support programs for students who are struggling in some way.


Cost of tuition


Cost of tuition is one of the major factors for students when choosing one fashion school over the other but in truth, it should be the least important factor to consider. Why? This is because you must always look out for the quality of education you are going to receive.

If tuition fees are your worry then you should find out if there are options for you when it comes to payments like scholarship and grants. In deciding on the cost of tuition of a fashion school, inquire if there are opportunities to pay in instalment.


Apprenticeship and internship opportunities


When considering a fashion school to attend, one of the factors you should not overlook is the availability of apprenticeship and internship opportunities.

Getting industry experience is an important step in starting your fashion design career. Apprenticeships and internships have the double advantage of building your portfolio while giving you the opportunity to learn from an experienced fashion designer.

Although internships may not add much in terms of money to your pocket, the opportunity to observe and learn from someone with a successful fashion design career can be worth the lean times.

With each assignment and competition, you will harness great confidence that will help you years after your fashion design school certification programme. Would you not prefer a fashion school that offers practical apprenticeship and internship.

Opportunities for apprenticeship and internship go a long way to make you stand out should you decide to start your own fashion business or work for a global brand. It’s a gateway many top designers like Ophelia Crossland, Christie Brown, PISTIS, Samuel Owusu, Vannessa Teye – Bvnaj among turned to in achieving their dreams.

In conclusion, if your desire is to become a top-notch fashion designer then for starter these are of the other factors you should consider before you choose a fashion school. Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design is an ideal place for you to develop professionally.

The admission process to join the school is not tedious and there are professionals ready to help you get started. You can call the following the numbers +233302797471 or download an application form.

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