1992, Catwalk Extravaganza


Frst to redesign Kente cloth in patterns and colors that reflected a modern yet vintage look, in which the younger and older generation embraced.

Joyce Ababio is an award winning fashion designer of choice, when it comes to Kente, Bridal and Evening wear. She has developed a signature style that embodies elegance and an imaginative spirit. From her debut fashion show in 1992, “Catwalk Extravaganza”, she has demonstrated her creativity and tenacity as a leader in the fashion design industry. Ms. Ababio has been awarded many accolades for her creativity and ingenuity as a designer. Some of her achievements include, Best Formal Evening Wear Award, Miss World (1995, Sun City), Ebony Award for Bridal and Pageantry (1999), Best Evening Wear, Miss Ghana (2000), Best Formal Evening Wear, Miss World (1995), Fashion Contributor Award in Education and Mentoring, Ghana Fashion Awards (2012) and the esteemed, Life Time Achievement Award, Glitz Africa Fashion Week (2013).

She has exhibited her designs through solo shows (1994-2003) alongside well know Ghanaian designers like Ozwald Boateng. She has designed costumes for most of Miss Ghana competitions, such as; Matilda Alomatu, Miss Ghana 1994, Manuela Medie, Miss Ghana 1995, Shiela Azontaba, Miss Ghana 1996,Marian Sugri Bugri, Miss Ghana 1999 and Efua Hawkson, Miss Ghana 2000. She has designed garments for elite members of society including several first-ladies of the republic.

Ms. Ababio was the first to redesign Kente cloth in patterns and colors that reflected a modern yet vintage look, in which the younger and older generation embraced. In 2003, she released this new line of redesigned Kente and showed that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Ghana fashion design industry. Ms. Ababio is an alumna of Achimota School, one of the elite schools in Ghana. After her secondary education, she gained admission into the St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, USA, where her major was in Medical Technology. However, her love for high fashion and haute couture made her abandon this course to obtain a degree in Fashion Design at the Texas Women’s University in Dallas.

After spending many years as a prominent designer in the Ghana fashion industry, she turned to share her talents with others. “I dreamt of a grand-structured fashion institution because of the lack of professionally trained and conscientious workers in the fashion field in the country…a place where learning is exciting and challenging and always at the forefront of what is happening in the world. I envisioned a place where thousands of people can come to focus on and learn what they love. The college would be imaginative, reality-based, and provide a great education.”

She established the Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design (VSSFD) in 1995 and officially opened in 2000. The school has become one of the leading fashion schools in West Africa with students from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Togo, Liberia, Ivory Coast, USA and UK. The aim of the school is to ensure that the right caliber of designers emerge from Ghana. The school, which has been in existence for eighteen years, has prepared over three thousand students for the Ghana fashion industry, As a testament to the excellent teaching provided, many students found that with the skills they acquired from VSSFD, it was easier for them to enter the job market. Over one thousand alumni of VSSFD started their own business, thereby providing employment and wealth creation in Ghana.

Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design (JACCD) offers degree and diploma programs, which hitherto was offering only certificate courses. JACCD is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana and affiliated to the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.


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Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design
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+233 23-5682600
+233 302-79747


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Within the mission of JACCD, the institutional effectiveness department actively builds the university’s reputation as a leader in art and design education by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring adherence to best practices in evaluation and assessment, advancing the systematic use of information for decision-making, monitoring the university’s regional and professional accreditation compliance, and facilitating the achievement of the university’s strategic goals.

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For over 170 years, Vlisco has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa.

Over the years JACCD has partnered Vilsco when it comes to authentic designs. Vilsco supports our campus competitions and we continue to partner them in fashion shows held in the country


JACCD since its inception had worked hand in hand with the national accreditation board.  The school continue to follow and maintain a strong relation with the NAB whose core value is to ensure that the highest standards and quality are achieved in tertiary education, the work of the Board will be underpinned by the following core values and principles: Professionalism; Responsiveness; Excellence; Integrity; and Innovation.


JACCD is proudly affiliated to the university of Cape Coast. Our affiliation of the university has ensured that our students get the best of certification programs recognized in the country.   Our formidable partnership  ensures that JACCD has the capacity to meet the manpower needs the fashion and other industries in the country,.

Joyce Ababio College of Fashion & Design
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Joyce Ababio College of Fashion & Design. Step Inside ... Think Outside
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
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Copyright by iWorks Ghana. All rights reserved.